Oh, my gosh, I’m blogging!

Sign of the times, once upon a time Prince used to sing …

Once upon a long ago there were diaries: receptacle of thoughts, hopes and dreams of one’s teenage years. Away from prying eyes. I used to have one. When I was a teenage girl, almost half a century ago.


Times are changed. Information is changed. Media are changed. Public as well.

Now diaries are on line. Shared with the whole population of the ‘global village’. Blogs. Facebook. Twitter … I beg your pardon, I cannot quote any more since my knowledge on this topic dates back to the Stone Age. Today humans feel a compelling need to share with the world. Maybe it’s fear of solitude. Maybe is rush to knowledge, I don’t know.

But one thing is sure: you have keep pace with times if you want to belong to the world. Be social, share. Even – and especially – if you are establishing a company or initiating a freelance career. I am doing it, so let’s stay up-to-date. After all, it feels like winding the clock back to my teenage years, and it’s quite pleasant  …

This is not a true post, it’s my hallo to the world. Or should I say CIAO?

See you soon …

An absolute beginner


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