From A Word A Day: Lazy Susan

(LAY-zee SOO-zuhn)

noun: A revolving tray used for serving food, or a similar structure used to keep objects within easy reach.

It’s not clear who the eponymous Susan in this term was. Earliest documented use: 1917.

“Lang Lang ate more than anyone, spinning the lazy Susan at the center of the table and scooping off.”
David Remnick; The Olympian; The New Yorker; Aug 4, 2008.

Courtesy of A.Word.A.Day. with Anu Garg

My P.S.:

This term was last friday’s one, today’s one is bombilate. I forgot to publish it on time, sorry folks! I will try to keep you posted weekly – if not daily, if I can. By the way, A Word A Day is an interesting service from on odd terms, you can subscribe directly through this link

See you soon …



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