From A Word A Day: Fanfaron

noun: A boaster or a braggart.
From French fanfaron, from Spanish fanfarrón (braggart), perhaps from Arabic farfar (talkative), of expressive origin. The words fanfaronade and fanfare have the same origin. Earliest documented use: 1622.
“I yelled in his ear congratulations for not spending his egg money on fancy clothes and strutting about like a fanfaron.”
Moritz Thomsen; Living Poor: A Peace Corps Chronicle; University of Washington Press; 1990.”Well made and thought-provoking the program may be, but it’s unlikely to drag viewers away from the exotic fanfaron that is Celine Dion’s head.”
Shane Danielsen; Waiting for the Ship to Come in on Oscar Night; The Australian (Sydney); Mar 23, 1998.

Courtesy of A.Word.A.Day with Anu Garg


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