The enchantment of words …

il_570xN.443196499_90pwGood morning folks!

This week A.W.A.D.’s team dedicates its efforts to display the magic of words borrowed by English from the most unusual languages of the world.

As they say, “…The world has many voices. Each has its unique way to describe the world. Each of these voices adds to the beauty of the human race.”

I could not say it better. Let’s get enchanted by the evocative power of these words. Let the lifeblood of Earth flow under our skins, warm our hearts, enrich our souls.

Let’s get bewitched by …



noun: Magical power; charm.
Apparently of W. African origin, akin to Gullah moco (witchcraft), Fula moco’o (medicine man). Fula is a language of West Africa. Earliest documented use: 1926.
“After losing their mojo, formerly high-flying tech firms rarely recover it.”
Googling A New Boss; The Economist (London, UK); Jul 21, 2012.
See it there on A.Word.A.Day.:
By the way!  I’m really proud to inform you that I’ve just got in touch with a talented US artist, Robin Mead, who authorized me to use her bright, fascinating and vibrating images for my future posts. I’m persuaded that her art will make my thoughts ‘visible‘ and ‘meaningful‘ and will breath life in my humble words.  I invite you to see her impressive works here:

2 responses to “The enchantment of words …

  1. That is awesome..and as much as I have used and heard that word..I never knew the origin of it…what a great post..and Thank you so much for sharing my work on your beautiful blog..!

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