A jump into the wild …

Egon Schiele, "Haeuser mit waescheleinen"

Egon Schiele, “Haeuser mit waescheleinen”

Good morning to ya all!

Today A.W.A.D. selection comes from very far, the Far East actually: Philippines!

The word originally refers to a brushy mountain (Tangalog Bundog), but the current use is much more related to dreary and backward suburbia.

Enjoy it …


noun: Rough country; backwoods.
>From Tagalog bundok (mountain). Earliest documented use: 1944.
“No one uses landlines to make or receive a call any more, unless you live in the boondocks, far away from cell phone towers.”
Dilip Bobb; Extinct in Our Time; Financial Express (New Delhi, India); Mar 31, 2013.

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