I’m late, I’m late I know, but here it is: A Word for Today!


Good morning, folks!

It’s saturday and I should have posted this yesterday, I know, but I’m often quite busy (work, house, family, especially my dearest love Melissa, who takes up most of my leisure time) so I try to recover as soon as I can …

Today’s word from A.Word.A.Day is related to myth and monstrosity, so let me introduce this huge, awesome, scary thing:


noun: Something large and powerful.
Via Latin from Hebrew liwyathan (whale). Earliest documented use: 1382.
A merger between the two firms, which both belong to London’s Magic Circle of top five law firms, would have created a legal leviathan with 950 partners and more than 10,000 staff.”
Liz Chong; Partners Quit; The Times (London, UK); Aug 1, 2006.
I hope I’m not upsetting your night dreams with this entry. If I did …
see you in your dreams, then!
P.S.: I nearly forgot to post the link to A.W.A.D.. Here it is …  http://wordsmith.org/words/leviathan.html

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