No intention to hurt anyone … it’s just today’s word by A.W.A.D.


Anton Ego, courtesy of billythebrain

Howdy folks,

First of all, I would like to apologize in advance for any injury this post might cause.  Today’s word from A.Word.A.Day. can be actually perceived as outrageous by a large number of people, but my – and obviously A.W.A.D.’s – intention is absolutely not to offend anyone. The only scope is to display how simple words can have different shades and meanings according to the public they are addressed to. Particularly this word has definitely a different power if pronounced to a nice nelly (remember?) or in a ghetto (and I don’t recommend it for your sake!). For the same reason I had huge problems when trying to associate this word to an image, as I normally do, as I did want to avoid to put the stress on the abusive usage. I ruminated a little bit on the issue and finally found a solution: the character in the picture bears himself a sort of dualism inside, he is a wicked figure – an old fogey – on the surface but in fact he is cheerful and open-minded at heart, a true pioneer trapped inside a mossback. Who’s he? Anton Ego from the Pixar movie Ratatouille, a delightful cartoon comedy on diversity and courage (I definitely love it!).

I invite you to see the movie and hope you will enjoy both (word and cartoon)!

See you soon, folks …



1. A person who pays excessive attention to petty details.
2. A person who criticizes constantly or repeatedly.
Origin unknown, perhaps of Scandinavian origin. Earliest documented use: 1781.
A niggler might note that every element is at times an eensy bit too perfectly meshed and worked over. Today, I don’t feel like niggling.”
Lisa Schwarzbaum; Hugo; Entertainment Weekly (New York); Nov 30, 2011.

Link to AWAD page:

Hey you! I’m posting another link to an interesting page, Urban dictionary, a developing dictionary of slang terms, offering the ‘dark side’ of the term. See it here


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