Let me share this useful resource to you … Urban Dictionary!

Good morning, folks!

urbandiMessing around the web I’ve found a very interesting site on slang and ‘language in progress’, it’s called Urban Dictionary and is a kind of A.Word.A.Day in popular key. I find it pretty awesome and I invite all language-addicts to take a look.

Enjoy it!


Parental advisory (and not only)

This site delivers all sorts of words and expressions, some might sound rude, outrageous, offending, too explicit, call them as you like. Not suitable for children or oversensitive persons. Recommended for those who have real spunk (pardon!).

By the way! An off-topic reflection on children and children books and programmes … not that off-topic after all, why? Please read this ….

Did anyone of you in his forties remember about Pippi Longstockings? When I was a child ages ago I used to watch this TV series and today my child Melissa does the same. Some time ago I happened to watch it with her and … guess what I heard? Spunk! Yeah, really, Spunk, an invisible creature that Pippi and her friends are looking for in an episode of the series! Obviously, I’m Italian and here this word is pretty unknown and his coarse meaning as well, so it passed by almost unnoticed here, but I’m wondering how this episode was greeted by the English-speaking public … Maybe the ‘creature’ was named in a different way …?

If anyone knows it, please let me know, I’m curious!

See you soon, spunky folks …


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