I’m a little SHY of a good tagline for this …


Howdy folks,

Today I’m sighing with relief, phew! Today’s word by A.W.A.D. is harmless, I mean it does not offend any community or category of people, neh? Gosh, I’m wrong, it does, it definitely does hurt the common sense of shame! Why? Just take a look …


1. The game of throwing missiles at a target; such a throw.
2. An object of criticism or ridicule.
>From Old English cocc (rooster) + shy (to throw), of uncertain origin. Earliest documented use: 1836.
NOTES: At one time it was a popular sport to throw sticks or stones at roosters. Unfortunately, some people still believe it’s a sport to shoot at pigeons and other animals.
“Digby Jones: If he wants to take a cockshy at business for electoral reasons that’s understandable. But I don’t want it doing damage to the image of business, particularly in our schools.”
Louise Armitstead and David Smith; Which Cameron Really Means Business?; The Sunday Times (London, UK); May 28, 2006.”The rabble of Edinburgh were all out … to hurl their missiles of hate at that sure cock-shy.”
Margaret Irwin; The Bride; 1939.


Another remark: As A.W.A.D. underlines, his term originates from a barbaric custom of some time ago, i.e. throwing stones or other objects towards roosters. This silly ‘sport’ is still practiced somewhere in the world, unfortunately it’s still quite widespread, and this surely hurts animal activists or simply animal lovers … apart from animals themselves, of course! I take the chance to throw a rock … into a pond and cry out loud: DON’T DO THIS, NEVER, NO WAY, IT’S A CRUEL AND USELESS HABIT, NOT EVEN A BARBARIAN WOULD DO SUCH A THING! Animals are creatures of God just like us and deserve to be protected for this reason.

See you, guys

P.S. I found this pretty image on the web but I’ve no idea of its author, I apologize if I’m infringing any copyright, but it’s soo cute!


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