Get going, take action with this week’s AWAD selection!


‘Fortress in Alanya’ courtesy of Yuliy Ganev

Good morning folks,

I must admit I’m betraying my bombastic title publishing this post today: today’s word is actually yesterday’s A.W.A.D. selection, so it’s me who’s not taking action timely … Sorry, folks!

Well, coming to the point, this week A.Word.A.Day. aims at refining our ‘verb-ability‘ (as they say) with five verbs that will surely add grace and elegance to our speech. Today the verb combines comfort with entrenchment, in my mind it even suggests the idea of ‘home’ (comfort) as a safe shelter (trench) … after all, many hide away in their homes to escape from the rest of the world!

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome …


verb tr.:
1. To settle firmly and comfortably.
2. To hide securely.
>From en- (in) + sconce (small fortification), from Dutch schans (entrenchment). Earliest documented use: 1589.
“Vladimir Putin is once more ensconced behind the Kremlin’s walls.”
Not Such a Strongman; The Economist (London, UK); Jun 9, 2012.
My usual closing remark: I chose the opening picture for a specific reason: as I already told, words can be windows or walls, it depends on our intentions. Sometimes we hide, we entrench ourselves behind their curtain as in a safe fortress to avoid showing our feelings, our true selves. We should not, we should be open towards the world, closure paves the way to solitude … Sorry for my cheap moral lesson!
See you soon …

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