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Good morning, my dear readers!

As usual, I’m late and in a hurry, I’m realizing I’ll not be able to keep up with A.W.A.D. posts! So that’s what I’m gonna do (at least this time):

I’ll give you two at the price of oneA bargain, isn’t it?


verb tr.: To attribute, ascribe, or credit, often unfairly.
From Old French imputer, from Latin imputare, from in- (in) + putare (to assess, reckon). Ultimately from the Indo-European root pau- (to cut, stroke, or stamp), which is also the source of amputate, compute, dispute, count, pavid, puerile, and catchpole. Earliest documented use: 1480.
“‘There’s a tendency to impute much greater skill on the part of somebody like Jamie Dimon, who is very smooth,’ Bill Miller says.”
Hugh Son; Bank of America Chief’s Tumbles Turn Into Strides; The Washington Post; Mar 10, 2013.
My daily though: Imputing others is a common and bad practice. I mean, imputing responsibilities to others, ‘often unfairly’ as A.W.A.D. suggests. Lack of responsibility is today’s trend, or should I say lack of  guts? But listenNo guts, no glory! Or (as we Neapolitans say) Chi nun tene coraggio nun se cocca ch’ ‘e femmene belle (only a brave can lay with a babe). Think it out, folks




verb tr.: To cut out or off.
From Latin exscindere, from ex- (out) + scindere (to cut). Ultimately from the Indo-European root skei- (to cut or split), which also gave us excise, schism, ski, shin, scienter, and adscititious. Earliest documented use: 1662.
The knife skipped off the stone and almost exscinded Shih Te’s index finger.”
Alexander Goldstein; The Foundling; Trafford; 2009.
My thought on … this pic: I typed exscind in Google search and found this image. It’s called exscind 6. It tells the story of a union. It tells the story of a break-up, a painful break-up. I don’t know really what’s the real story of the author (wolvesasleep on Flickr), but I guess he has something to do with this story. I guess he suffered to the extent that he wanted to cut her off from his life. Exscind her materially and morally from his life in order to ‘eradicate’ the pain. Again, it seems like pain’s a loyal companion of our travel upon this Earth. We try to get rid of it, but it’s still there …

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