Handle with care, explosive stuff!


Good morning, folks!

First of all, let me introduce the inspiring theme of this week’s selection by A.W.A.D.: it’s related to challenges, to sky-high ambitions, to peaks … yeah, peaks, literally mountain peaks! This choice originated by the upcoming 60th anniversary of the first scaling of Mt Everest, the highest mountain in the world, by New Zealander Edmund Hillary and the Nepali Sherpa Tenzing Norgai on 29 May 1953. Anu Garg sees it as a metaphor for anyone’s life. He says : “We all have our mountains to scale. Some of these are not as visible as Mt. Everest though they may be equally challenging. Scaling them comes with no accolade, but they are nonetheless worthwhile“.  So true, we face our own ‘mountains’ every day, most seem ‘scalable’, others instead look insurmountable to our eyes. So I’m quoting Anu Garg’s wish to all of us: “May you reach all the peaks you set out to scale“. And I add: may we finally sit on top of the world just like the two fearless climbers did 60 years ago! Obviously, in a metaphoric sense (personally, I suffer from vertigo!)

Now let’s turn to today’s word, which is particularly dear to me (I’m from Naples) and is related to a last week’s post of mine: as the title tries to suggest, it’s about blasting material, a loose cannon, you better keep out of someone who’s



adjective: Marked by sudden explosive outbursts.
After Mount Vesuvius, a volcano that buried the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum when it erupted in 79 CE. Earliest documented use: 1673.
It erupted without warning from a young man … his Vesuvian sneeze rocked the room.”
Dr. Kate Scannell; Tis the Season of the ‘Winter Flu Olympics’ — Again; Contra Costa Times (Walnut Creek, California); Jan 20, 2013.
I’ll tell you a secret: I’m one of this kind – I usually keep calm and quiet but sometimes I burst out, I flare up like a volcano. Honestly, I’m hot-blooded, but after all, I’m from the sunny South and grew up in the shadows of this apparently calm giant (Mt Vesuvius), so what did you expect?

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