Get inspired …


‘Good morning’, courtesy of Robin Mead –

Howdy, folks!

Yesterday my good Muse had a tough work suggesting me the right words for my quivering post on NDAs – or at least I hope so – and … afterwards she lost her way home! What do I mean?

Caught in her effort to inspire me, she forgot the way back to the mountain where she lives secluded with her fellow Muses and god Apollo  …

Seriously, Tuesday word from A.W.A.D. is a tribute to inspiration, to the magic of poetry, to my good Muse, also, though I don’t think she could do that much to uplift my prose to such a height …


adjective: Of or relating to poetry.
After Mount Parnassus, a mountain in Greece, considered sacred to Apollo, the Greek god of music and poetry, and the Muses. Earliest documented use: 1565.
Whether scaling to Parnassian heights or plunging inward to insight, the poems’ impeccable musicality and craftsmanship will win the trust and admiration of many.”
Fiction Reviews; Publishers Weekly (New York); Oct 15, 2007.
P.S.: Today I’m not going to express my thoughts as usual, I prefer to let Robin Mead‘s lively colours speak for me. Get inspired …

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