A good chance to cry out loud …


Stop animal hunting by ~the-inuzuka-master on deviantART

Good morning, folks!

I know it’s not hunting season yet, but Wednsday’s choice by A.W.A.D. has something to do with it, so let me express my contempt for this barbarian habit. First of all, let me introduce the word, then let’s discuss about it:


verb tr.: To chase or annoy.
noun: A chase, hunt, or a hunting cry.
After Cheviot Hills bordering England and Scotland. A battle between English and Scottish forces over a hunting expedition is described in a 15th-century ballad (The Ballad of Chevy Chase). A chase is a tract of land reserved for hunting. The name of the city Chevy Chase in Maryland has the same origin. Earliest documented use: before 1825.
[Boys] chevied the younger boys to greater speed as they stumbled down the stairs.”
Clinton W. Trowbridge; All Tied Up; The Christian Science Monitor (Boston, Massachusetts); Jan 22, 1999.
Well, that’s the meaning. A couple of curious things about the word Chevy – the first is well known to any English mother tongue speaker, but I didn’t know this term before so I never perceived the oddity of it. The name of the American actor Chevy Chase (born Cornelius Crane Chase) is actually a series of synonyms! Though he chose his ‘nome de guerre’ for family reasons (his grandma gave him this nickname after the medieval  English ballad The Ballad of Chevy Chase, yes, the same that originated the word chevy!), he probably took advantage of this weird combination for his artistic career. The second one was unknown to me – but it’s well known to the American people –  until I browsed the web in search of a good pic for this. Chevy is the colloquial name of the brand Chevrolet in the U.S., so the first tons of pics I got were old Chevrolet cars! Good to know …
Last but not least, my usual thought on the subject: We are no longer people of the Stone Age period. Our forefathers needed hunting to feed themselves and their children, we don’t. I’m no vegetarian or vegan, I eat animal meat,  and I know that this might be seen as a nonsense. But the cruelty of hunting goes beyond the mere killing. It’s a sadistic act, it aims at instilling terror in the victim, it targets at demeaning, humiliating the prey. Nourishment is a primary need of man,  cruelty not. IMHO, anyone who consider hunting as an essential need probably has no humanity, that means has nothing to do with humans. I beg your pardon if you feel hurt by my opinion, but have you ever thought how hurt might hunting victims feel?
See you soon, folks …

One response to “A good chance to cry out loud …

  1. Grazie all’autore del post, hai detto delle cose davvero giuste. Spero di vedere presto altri post del genere, intanto mi salvo il blog tra i preferiti.

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