An (in)significant detail …


A play on words by Yelena315

Good morning dear readers!

With my usual delay today I’m introducing the latest idea by A.Word.A.Day.: a word contest! It’s related to this weeks selection of words and their peculiar feature: they all have a double meaning, which differ by just … a letter! Yes, a single, little letter makes the difference. It’s a funny joke, a witty challenge, R U ready?

Well, now coming back to the true subject of today’s post, the word chosen by A.W.A.D. to get the week started is a ‘bridge’ between last week’s and this week’s selections. Why? This word originates from a famous hill, more precisely one of the Seven Hills of Rome – no doubt it’s no ‘Himalayan height’, but it’s surely paramount from a historical point of view.


(PAL-uh-tyn, -teen)
1. Of or relating to a palace.
2. Of or relating to a palate.
For 1: After Palatine, from Latin Palatium, the name of the centermost of the seven hills on which ancient Rome was built. Roman emperors built their palaces on this hill. The word palace also derives from the same source. Earliest documented use: 1436.
For 2: From French palatin, from Latin palatum palate (roof of the mouth). Earliest documented use: 1656.
The palatine city Qal’a Bani Hammad in Algeria had terraced gardens and, in one of its palaces, an enormous rectangular pool.”
D. Fairchild Ruggles; Islamic Gardens and Landscapes; University of Pennsylvania Press; 2008.
The teeth, tongue, palate, and gum are subjected to a direct painful influence — that is, direct pain which acts upon the minor palatine nerve.”
Aleksandr Nevzorov; The Horse Crucified and Risen; Nevzorov Haute Ecole; 2011.
Are you looking for my usual useless (oh, what a lame pun) remark? Well, you will find none! Honestly, today I would like to spare you my empty rhetoric so that you can focus on the oddity of this selection (and on the contest, if you are in the mood for it!). Enjoy the ‘Play on words‘ (courtesy of Yelena 315 on deviantART) on top, I really love it, I find it colourful though it’s actually just b&w. That’s the power of imagination!

2 responses to “An (in)significant detail …

  1. Update of the last second: I realised too late that I was thinking about my next post while writing this one. I apologize with all my readers for my mistake. See you soon!

  2. Hey there! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone 3gs! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the fantastic work!

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