Excuse me!


‘Black’ by VexingArt on deviantART

Dear readers,

I’ sooo sorry, can you excuse me for my blunder? As you remember, yesterday’s word by A.W.A.D. was ‘palatine’ and I started setting up my post in the right way, then … oh, my gosh, I got lost! Yeah, I began to think about the word as if it was today’s one, that’s completely different! Hells bells, that’s what happens when you are always in a hurry: haste makes waste!

Well, let’s make amend now. Today’s word is quite odd, (this time really) halfway between Earth and Sea, a tiny letter to make the difference. What’s really bizarre about this term is that its two acceptations have something in common (apart from the word itself), a black, dirty, polluting thing. Guess what?



1. A coal miner.
2. A coal liner.
From Old English col (coal). Earliest documented use: 1594, 1661.
Gunar turned to find a grimy-faced man, black as a collier.”
Lisa Hendrix; Immortal Champion; Berkley; 2011.
When the collier Marlin sailed into Hampton Roads on Jan 14, it didn’t arrive like most coal ships do — empty.”
Gregory Richards; Area Getting Two Facilities for Incoming Coal; The Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk); Feb 1, 2007.
P.S.: I must confess deviantART has become my prime source of good pics for my posts, now I almost always type my keywords there and find exactly what’s better to express my ideas. In addition, this work by VexingArt is named after a song (Black) from one of my favourite rock bands, Pearl Jam, so I had no doubt about the choice. Don’t you think that it renders perfectly the idea of something ‘suspended’ between two places?

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