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Hyperbolic tangle’ by rsidwell

Good morning, folks!

Today the sky is blue, the sun is shining bright and everything’s going fine. Well, that’s what I call ‘inflating the truth’ – actually, the sky is grey, the sun plays hide and seek with the clouds and everything’s going like sh** (beep!). This is just small talk, but today A.Word.A.Day. is dealing with some ‘tall talk’, instead. Something really exaggerated, just like my incipit …


1. Of or pertaining to hyperbole.
2. Of or pertaining to hyperbola.
From Greek hyperbole (excess), from hyperballein (to exceed), from hyper- + ballein (to throw). Earliest documented use: 1646, 1676.
When you employ hyperbole in your discourse, you are doing what a devil does (to throw), etymologically speaking. The word devil ultimately comes from Greek diaballein (to throw across, slander). Some other words that share the same root are ballistic, emblem, embolism, metabolism, parable, problem, parabola, and symbol.
“‘My objective is to build something sustainable that lasts 100 years,’ says Mr Kotak, who is upbeat without being hyperbolic.”
Kotak Moment; The Economist (London, UK); May 26, 2012.
“She’s made a skirt to wear to conferences with a crocheted hyperbolic hem. Each of its ruffles ruffles.”
Susan Blackwell Ramsey; A Mind Like This; University of Nebraska Press; 2012.
A useful resource
I take the chance to inform you, my valued readers, that I’ve discovered another interesting site on words and their meaning that I would like to share with you: it’s called Vocabulary.com and pretends to predict your linguistic needs, surely it helps you refine your vocabulary and in addition, it’s fun, real fun!  Just give it a try, it’s highly recommended!
Image courtesy of rsidwell on deviantART

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