On the night shift …


Good night, folks!

I’m on my way to bed and before I fall asleep I would like to wish you good night with the last word of A.Word.A.Day weekly selection. My only concern: this word might probably outrage many animal activists and also simply animal lovers, since it’s sometimes used to identify devocalization, a surgical practice perfomed on dogs in order to reduce the volume of their barking, so probably my wish will sound like an insult. I will not add any further comment, here it is:


verb tr.:
1. To remove the bark from a dog.
2. To remove the bark from a log.
verb tr., intr.:
3. To disembark.
For 1: From de- (from) + bark, from Old English borcian (to bark). Earliest documented use: 1943.
For 2: From de- (from) + Old Norse börkr (bark). Earliest documented use: 1744.
For 3: From French debarquer, from de- (from) + barque (ship). Earliest documented use: 1744.
Dr. Marder said they will probably debark Truffle unless she quickly learns to play quietly.”
Sam Dolnick; Heel. Sit. Whisper. Good Dog; The New York Times; Feb 3, 2010.

Mike Rowe finds himself … heading to a mill to help debark and process wood for a log cabin.”
Emily Yahr; Highlights; The Washington Post; Feb 22, 2011.

My last though for today:  If  a man/woman shouts or speaks too loud, would you ever ’embark’ him/her? Though I must confess I would sometimes, it’s not a viable practice … for humans!

Have a good night!

P.S.: I don’t know the name of the author of this shot. As usual, I picked it on deviantART and I found this cute snout really irresistible. The only thing I know is that the dog’s named Zorro and that the shot was taken in an animal shelter by an animal activist (dogs).  Can’t you see some sorrow in his eyes? Good news, he was fortunately adopted by the author of this lovely pic! Great!


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