The winner takes it all!


‘It’s a lottery, baby’ by radiiowar

Good morning, folks!

May you all be kissed by Fortune! Don’t think I’m going crazy or I’ve my head in the clouds, the reason of this blissful feeling comes from today’s (spelling) ‘slip-up’ by A.W.A.D.. The concerned ‘misword’ indeed is not much used in current speech, but the right word definitely is … in this kind of climate! This time I’m going to provide both word and ‘misword’ for the benefit of all English non-native readers (like me, after all!) along with A.W.A.D. contribution.

So … good luck, folks!



adverb: In an indiscriminate manner.
Alteration of sweepstake, from sweep + stake, originally referring to the winner who takes all. Earliest documented use: 1599.
I replied by falling swoopstake and cropneck* in love with them all, damn it, them all.”
Kathleen Tynan; Tynan Letters; Vintage; 2012.
* completely
Definition of sweepstake (source the
1. (Group Games / Gambling, except Cards)

a.  a lottery in which the stakes of the participants constitute the prize
b.  the prize itself
2. (Group Games / Gambling, except Cards) any event involving a lottery, esp a horse race in which the prize is the competitors’ stakes Often shortened to sweep [originally referring to someone who sweeps or takes all the stakes in a game]

An unexpected conclusion: Searching the web as usual for a suitable illustration for this post I hit on this pic. It made me think. It made me go back fortunecookieyourefiredmessagewith my mind to the reason why I decided to go hard with the translator’s career. About a year ago I was nearly loosing my permanent job. Kicked out without a notice and without my money. A ruin that would have thrown my family and me into the streets. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, then in an outburst of self-esteem I thought: why not? I am a translator, I have skills, passion and guts to do it, so f*** the world and go for it! I don’t know if this will prove a good strike, but it surely gave me back my pride. And this is a priceless gift.
Lastly: I don’t know the source of this pic. Nor its author. I stole it from another blog, KC Confidential.
I don’t know if I’m infringing a copyright, but it was so appalling, so chilling and so closely linked to my own experience (and to the ‘current climate’ in general) that I decided not to give a damn about it and to include it in this post all the same. If anyone knows who took this shot, please tell him/her that it’s f***ing genial!
See you soon …
P.S.: To the few guys who are concerned about my future: I eventually did not lose my job, thanks God!
Image on top (‘It’s a lottery, baby) courtesy of radiiowar

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