God bless you!


Contemplation by mrcool256

Good morning, folks!

I’m in a delightful mood today, the sun is shining bright up in the sky and the air is pleasantly crisp. To be honest, the tagline is not inspired by my blissful state of mind but I hope it will help improve yours. The wish springs from today’s apparent misspell by A.W.A.D. and from the word it originates from. Paradoxically, the ‘offspring’  reverses the logical flow chaos=>order, this time the (Supreme) Order originates the Chaos.

From the reign of God to the reign of …


noun: A mixture of deities or religious forms.
From Greek theo- (god)- + -krasia (blending). Earliest documented use: 1816.
Even if the Jewish travellers were giving thanks to Pan Euhodos, such minor use of a pagan temple hardly represents a movement towards theocrasy.”
R.P. Gordon; The God of Israel; Cambridge University Press; 2007.
A further contribution: the term is also used to express a spiritual union with the Deity, like that arising from contemplation, typical of some Oriental cults.
A remark from the point of view of an Italian: there’s no equivalent in our language. Someone attempted to translate it as ‘culto misto di politeismo‘, but as you can see it’s phraseology, not just a word, and this proves a well-known (and agreed) fact: we Italians are verbose.
In an attempt to dispel this myth, today I’m gonna cut it short.
See you soon …
Top (blissful) image courtesy of Shawn Palmqvist aka mrcool256
(Paradise) image on landing page (Contemplation) courtesy of Jim whiter-shade

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