A harmonious accord …


‘Music fields’ by Yana Dhyana, 2013

Bonjour, mes amis!

You are probably thinking that I haven’t come alive from bed today or that I’m possessed, but you’re way off. It’s no demon that’s driving my fingers over the keyboard, just A.W.A.D. and their selection! As a matter of fact today’s misspelling is borrowed directly from French and has a double usage, one quite similar to the word it is supposed to derive from, another directly related to its etymology.  To my delight, it’s also related to music (my passion besides languages and translation). I don’t need to say more, enjoy this terminological gem and … VIVE LA FRANCE!


(ah-GRAY-mahnt, -mahn*)
[the final syllable is nasal]
1. Formal approval, especially one given by a country to the proposed diplomat from another country.
2. Grace notes: notes applied as an embellishment on a piece of music.
From French agrément (approval, agreement, pleasure), from Latin ad- (to) + gratus (pleasing). Earliest documented use: 1711.
Relations again deteriorated when Iran denied agrement to UK designate ambassador to Tehran, accusing him of being a spy.”
Shireen Hunter; Iran’s Foreign Policy in the Post-Soviet Era; Praeger; 2010.
My last words are dedicated to the author of the two stunning paintings I used for this post. She’s a young Russian artist named Yana Dhyana and a member of my current source of inspiration (deviantART).  I found her quite by chance and it was really ‘love at first sight’. Since she works as a professional, I thought it right to ask her permission to use her works to illustrate my posts and I was impressed by her artlessness (pardon my lame pun!), her naturalness. As you can see, she gave me her authorization and now I’m proud to introduce her works to you.  Apart from the name of the image on top (music fields) recalling somehow today’s topic, I find that her whole work is pervaded by some music, waves and curves flowing like notes of a piece of music, colours fusing in a harmonious ensemble. I don’t want to add anything to her art and invite you to see her works on her space on deviantART.  Enjoy the tour!

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