You better watch out, it’s a true … false!


‘Treasure’ by Be3a

Good morning, folks!

I feel like a fortune-teller today and I’m telling you why: do you remember the word I used in my last post to introduce A.W.A.D. misspell? I didn’t know it, but I was in fact predicting A.W.A.D. friday’s selection. Well, I would really like to be a fortune-teller, a true ‘seer’, I would be able to see and ‘redirect’ my future to a better route, but unfortunately I have to content myself with this cold comfort. Joking aside, the word in question has the peculiar feature of being a  false misspell and a false treasure, whereas the presumed root is a true treasure but not a true ‘gem’. Am I confusing you? Well, I’m going to explain soon after introducing today’s word by A.Word.A.Day.



noun: A colorless, pale yellow, or smoky variety of zircon.
>From French jargon, from Italian giargone, from Persian zargun (golden). Earliest documented use: 1769.
The genial jeweler then suggested white jargoon.”
P.G. Wodehouse; The Intrusion of Jimmy; W.J. Watt and Co.; 1910.
You don’t have to be a genius to guess what the ‘supposed root’ may be.  The word  jargon defines a complex of words and expressions used by a determined group of people have common activities, interests, trade or work, a sort of ‘coded language’ that is intelligible to those in the field only. In a broader sense, it identifies a kind of language/slang used by a certain community and quite meaningless outside that circle. A jargon ensues from the need of communicating complex ideas in a quicker way, condensing shared ideas in few ‘dedicated’ words (and I’m now using computing jargon!), might it be highly specialized talk, pidgin or twaddle. In a nutshell, a community ‘treasure’ (though not always a gem)!
See you soon, folks!
P.S.: As usual, I’m late: pardon!
Image courtesy of Beea

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