Down to earth


‘Down to Earth’ by flauel

Hey folks,

Long time no see, neh? Obviously I’m joking, this time I’ve shot twice at once (eheh!) because today’s word by A.W.A.D. is the perfect counterbalance to my previous post and I couldn’t miss the chance to emphasize this. Last time our heads were up in the sky with the singing birds, caught up in the magic of music, feeling the pleasant touch of art and beauty, now get ready to put your feet back on the ground, ’cause this time there’s no poetry to talk about, no,  it’s just something for ordinary people (I can’t help myself, I’m a music-addict and I must somehow hint at music in my posts!).

So riddle this, if it’s not lyric, it’s  …


1. Dull; unimaginative.
2. Everyday; straightforward; ordinary.
3. Having the character of prose as compared to the feeling of poetry.
From Latin prosa (prose), from prosa oratio (straightforward speech), from provertere (to turn forward). Ultimately from the Indo-European root wer- (to turn or bend), also the source of wring, weird, writhe, revert, universe, wroth, verso , conversazione, versicolor, and animadvert. Earliest documented use: 1589.
On a throne ornate to the point of gaudiness, the queen reads out the legislative agenda of ‘her’ government, written on goatskin vellum. The content of that speech is usually more prosaic.”
Britain: The Vision Thing; The Economist (London, UK); Nov 10, 2007.
See you soon, folks
P.S.: I decided to use the picture on top – besides for bearing the same title as my post – because it’s actually the antithesis of today’s word, an imaginative image, a fallen angel, somehow poetic and delicate. Overwhelmed by our colourless, unexciting everyday lives, sometimes we really need a bit of Heaven on Earth. Though just depicted, here it is …
Image courtesy of Georgina Rose, aka flauel

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