‘Moonglow’ by Robin Mead

Good morning, folks!

Are you wondering if I’m approaching clothing and fashion, perhaps? Nay! I must admit sometimes I would, but it’s not the scope of my blog – at least, not for the moment, but who knows? Today’s tagline is intended to frame the set of words chosen by A.Word.A.Day. for the current week. This time there’s no leitmotiv, no trait d’union, apparently they just took the dictionary and let it fall open to see what fate would bring. Wow, fate, chance, odds, if A.W.A.D. doesn’t define a common thread, well, I’m building the connecting link myself (if you don’t understand, please visit my last post)! This week opens with a word that has a lot in common with many of my previous posts: music. Being a musicophile, I often happen to introduce music in what I do and to see (and hear) music in everything. This word also calls to mind something graceful, like the chirp of a bird or the chant of a mermaid …



(kuh-NOR-uhs, KAN-uhr-uhs)
adjective: Melodious; musical.
From Latin canere (to sing). Ultimately from the Indo-European root kan- (to sing) which also gave us hen, canto, cantor, recant, accent, chant, enchant, and incentive. Earliest documented use: 1646.
“The canorous sounds … provided a cheery moment.”
Corrie Perkin; Off to an Opening in Earnest; The Australian (Sydney); Oct 13, 2008.
See you soon, folks …
P.S.: When I initiated this series of posts I had no idea of how I could make them look more appealing. Browsing the web in search of a good idea, I hit on a mesmerizing image of a bird on a tree (Treetops). To my eyes, the picture was gorgeous, vibrant and blissful, perfectly fit to the post I was going to publish (for the records, The enchantment of words). So I tried to get in touch with the author, Robin Mead, to ask her permission to use it in my post . She accepted immediately and even thanked me for that. And she disclosed me an unexplored world as well, the world of unknown and promising, self-publishing artists, many exposing on deviantART, many of them producing really good pieces. Since then, I started an ‘art hunt’ to detect really good pics for my words and these gave me in turn substance to think and ideas to word. So now it’s my turn to thank Robin Mead for giving me the idea of illustrating my posts with these real ‘works of art’, a valuable asset to my blog.

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