‘Endless Expansive Head 3’ by GoneSleeping

Good day, folks!

I’m sitting here and I have no pale idea of how-the-hell I can entitle this post. Well, a tagline is mandatory, or I will never be able to publish it … OK, got it! Obviously you are now seeing the result before the premise,  but I can assure you it was a damn tough matter! Well, as you can see from the title, today’s word by A.Word.A.Day. suggests the idea of exceeding limits, broadening and at the same time ‘enclosing’ … How is it possible? Take a look at the word (adjective, to be precise), then let’s talk about this contradiction (my explanation in words and images follows)


1. Having a wide range; comprehensive.
2. Friendly, open, communicative.
3. Having a tendency or capacity to expand.
From Latin expandere (to spread out), from ex- (out) + pandere (to spread). Earliest documented use: 1651.
The European Dream is more expansive and systemic, and therefore more bound to the welfare of the planet.
Jeremy Rifkin; The European Dream; Utne (Topeka, Kansas); Sep/Oct 2004.

Now try to see it my way:  First of all, let me say that from the point of view of an Italian, the word expansive automatically recalls the term espansivo (like the second meaning), that is a moral quality. A ‘expansive person’ is someone who not only is open outwards (thus expanding his inner world), but also prone to ‘include’, to embrace the outside world (enclosing the outside world). Opening and closing. Juxtaposition and duality of a word. In my mind it is related to another word with a Latin root and a twofold nature, comprehensive, for us Italians comprensivo, that basically is related to a moral quality whereas in English it rather suggests the idea of vastness, completeness, the sympathetic meaning is marginal (as you can see opening the link, this acceptation is neglected). Comprensione. Understanding. Open mind and close relation. Do you perceive the duality? Well, the two images in this post condense this duality: the first one is called ‘Endless Expanding Head 3′ (courtesy of Ken Jorgensen, aka GoneSleeping), a vivid depiction of the boundless limits of our mind. I find it quite impressive, don’t you think so? The second pic, instead, is the expression of the intimate aspect I see implied in the term:  the snapshot is called ‘Simplicity of Friendship‘ (courtesy of Joseph Boza, aka bozaman) and according to his author, these two old women are friends of a lifetime. One supporting the other in an empathic way. Morally and physically. In an expansive way. Dont’ you find ’em truly touching? A friendship that colours life!

See you soon, folks!

Your passionate (Italian) translator

P.S. From now on I’m signing my pieces this way, please, allow me a bit of good SEO!


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