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‘Animadversion’ by bownets

Good morning, my beloved readers!

Another title in music … don’t you know the song? Gosh, I forget that I belong to the Stone Age Period, so many of you probably were not even born at the time this song from Ph.D. was released. It was the early eighties (1983, to be more accurate) and I was myself no more than I child when I used to listen to this charming, moody song.  If you like good music, I truly recommend it. Back to the reason of my utterance, today I’ve learnt a new word in … ITALIAN! Yes, you are reading right, in my own language, after all it’s quite impossible to know the whole Italian lexis, it’s immense (boundless!) and ever-changing. Miracles of A.Word.A.Day.! Today’s word is quite bizarre and betrays clearly its Latin origin. Its Italian translation is practically identical (and I definitely ignored its existence).  It is also related to another A.W.A.D. choice of a couple of months ago  – for those who are not constantly following my posts,  the (hot) term is niggler.

You will probably have to maintain your self-control if you receive something like this. And if you intend to do the same to me, please, have mercy!


1. The act of criticizing.
2. An unfavorable comment.
From Latin animadvertere (to turn the mind to), from animus (mind) + advertere (to turn). Ultimately from the Indo-European root wer- (to turn or bend), also the source of wring, weird, writhe, revert, universe, wroth, , conversazione, versicolor, and prosaic . Earliest documented use: 1535.
This newspaper has never felt that it is above criticism, especially from politicians and other public officials who take the brunt of our animadversion.
PM, Beware the Danger of Attacking the Media; Jamaica Observer (Kingston); Dec 9, 2011.
When it came to choose the image/s to for this post I decided to make a curious experiment. Instead of typing the word directly (or a synonym) in Google, I typed the last word I had typed introducing the word, i.e. ‘mercy’, and looked at the result. I was astonished: the images found were quite always named ‘no mercy’ and just a few recalled the idea of pity or sympathy. No mercy. Zero tolerance. Animus adversus. It’s truly a sign of the times. We are ‘lonely planets’ in our universe, each one isolated from the rest of mankind and hardly prone to justify, to sympathize, to feel empathy. Solitude standing. Coming back to reasons of my choice, I’ve singled out the opening picture not because it is called ‘animadversion’, but for the message of its author, Mary Yvonne Alamban, aka Bownets:
So this is what I called art. Somebody says it’s useless and nonsense but can I blame myself?
Can I blame myself if it’s one of the only things that gives me life? Can I blame myself if I call it “my-one-way-ticket-away” from the bitterness of the world? Can I blame myself if it’s the only medium where I can extricate what’s inside of me? SHOULD I BLAME MYSELF?
I am aware that I’m just a trying hard frustrated artist. But what else can I do?
It’s just hard knowing that the people near you doesn’t show off any interest on what gives you happiness.”
Did it touch you? How do you feel about it? Indifference. Oblivion. I don’t want her to be ignored, so that’s why I decided to give her art a chance. I said to myself, after all, we both are striving to emerge, so let’s join forces and struggle against indifference.

‘Heaven have mercy’ by dihaze

Now about the second (‘Heaven have mercy’ by dihaze, real name unknown): it was one of the few images recalling the idea of compassion. A prayer to Heaven, a cry for mercy. And it was suggestive and somehow graceful, though sombre. I don’t know it is an appropriate choice, but I don’t give a damn, I like it. Parental advisory: the author’s gallery contains quite shocking images (this pic is the mildest), viewer discretion is advised.
See you soon, folks!
Your passionate (Italian) Translator

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