Not just a one-night stand!


‘Hyperbolic Causation’ by TLBKlaus

Howdy folks!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about sex or morality, this was the first title that crossed my mind when I read the word chosen by A.Word.A.Day to close the week. This term is much familiar to Italian speakers, in the first place because it’s derived from Latin, secondly because it is somehow linked to the idea of God and Death, two concepts we Italians are really attached to (we have always our eyes turned towards the sky or concernedly towards the Underworld!). Gosh, I was nearly forgetting another idea that’s related to the term and to our romantic soul: love! And thinking about love, here’s my daily advice for a pleasant listening: Sting’s Love is the seventh wave (in The dream of the blue turtles, 1986), if you like the sonority of reggae. Enjoy both!


adjective: Everlasting.
From Latin semper (always) + aeternus (eternal). Earliest documented use: before 1475.
The US Postal Service might embrace sempiternal status, too, in the form of a stamp that would enable the bearer to infinitely freeze the price of first-class postage with a ‘forever’ stamp.
Kathy Stevens; Post Office Hopes ‘Forever’ Stamp Will Deliver; The York Dispatch (Pennsylvania); Feb 27, 2007.
About music: Gosh, I nearly forgot one of the immortal songs by Beatles that is linked to the subject, Strawberry fields forever, it’s a milestone, you cannot miss it! Pure psychedelia, smooth waves of sound wrapping and caressing you in a hypnotic crescendo, a real experience! To make amend – and to break the patterns as well – I’ve picked out the smashing image on top (Hyperbolic Causation by TLBKlaus) that to my eyes is a true example of a psychedelic vision.
About (eternal) love: I know the two images clash, but always_together_by_alackairI find this shot one of the tenderest expression of endless love. Hand in hand, together ‘for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health till death do them part‘. Moving and rare. It’s called Always together’. The photographer (Aleksandra aka alackair) is from Poland, so I suppose it was shot in some Polish town. And I wonder: I see so many couples going split here, so might it be due to our lifestyle? Does it work differently in those corners of the world where wealth is not taken for granted? Where things are not thrown away at the first sign of malfunction but repaired and valued properly? I know I’m once again slipping into commonplace, but it seems to me like we, the Western people, are treating persons the same way as we treat our possession, dismissing them as soon as they lose allure or attractiveness (and I mean in any sense). Friends, lovers, spouses, children, pets. Basically I’m no moralist, no hardliner, but I feel like we’re losing something  precious in our lives: ourselves.
See you soon, folks!
Your passionate (Italian) translator

P.S.: If you take a better look at the root of the word, you will see how much emphasis is  placed on the idea of ‘duration’: something that’s sempiternal is not just eternal, it’s always (semper) eternal (aeternus)! Can you imagine something like this? It’s so terrific, that even the WP spellchecker cannot figure it out!


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