Where do I begin …?


‘Trees 3’ from The Tree Series by Element 9 Graphic Design & The Art of Darren Vannoy

Good morning, folks!

Today I’m sharing this huge question with you: where do I begin? And where does all begins? As you can surely imagine, the first question is related to  the choice of a good title to introduce this week’s selection by A.W.A.D.. And – as usual – music came to my aid (for the records, ‘Where do I begin‘ by Chemical Brothers, also featured  in the Vanilla Sky soundtrack) and suggested me the best suited tagline. The second question refers to this week’s selection by A.W.A.D.:  the origin, the roots of words.  The bricks of language, as Anu Garg calls them.  Roots coupling and breeding words like humans. After all, language is a creature of our own, so why should it deviate from the human course? As an homage to the atoms of speech (quoting  Anu Garg once again), the first word of the week is in fact an offspring of the term root.


adjective: Feeding on roots.
From Greek rhizo- (root) + -phagous (feeding on). Earliest documented use: 1832.
Let us pause briefly in Alsace, a good observatory and outpost in this rhizophagous European realm. … the Alsatians had very specific ways of using and preparing the tuber.”
Madeleine Ferrières; Sacred Cow, Mad Cow: A History of Food Fears; Columbia University Press; 2006.
Just a remark on the top image: I had a long, long tour around the web in order to find a pic that I could find appropriate or meaningful. When I eventually chose it (‘Trees 3’ by Darren Vannoy), it was just because I liked it, the colours harmonizing with those of my blog site. After a while I realized a thing: it clearly reflected the sense of coldness deriving from being deprived of one’s roots, of being uprooted from one’s own ground. After a while, the choice made sense …
See you soon, folks …
Your passionate (Italian) Translator

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