Goodnight moon


‘Moon’ by Photonensauger

Good morning, my dear readers!

Did you miss me? I’ve been away just for a while, but some of you probably were not interested in my recent ‘hot’ post on competition in the translation industry, these ones might feel like I’ve been away for a long time. Well, the task is tough, I have to keep up with a few new words by A.Word.A.Day., but I’ve got the entire week-end and probably tomorrow I’ll be free from work so I’ve got plenty of time to make it. Now I’ll stop babbling and explain the reason of the tagline: I had so many ideas for the title, but in the end it was suggested directly by Anu Garg on Tuesday’s word: this peculiar word is often the last one in dictionaries. It waves goodbye or – if you prefer – it  accompanies us smoothly towards the night and the pale moonlight. Goodnight moon … so I found another reference to music!

This word is also related to ferments and ‘high spirits’ (do you remember my post on this subject?) so its position on the dictionaries may make sense …


noun: The branch of chemistry dealing with fermentation, as brewing.
From Greek zym- (ferment) + -urgy (work). Earliest documented use: 1868.
While zymurgy’s day job is raising spirits, it also moonlights as the last word in a dictionary. Some dictionaries have employed other, more accomplished, words for the job. Aardvark serves on the opposite end.
Zymurgy’s reek was everywhere.”
Ceylon L. Barclay; Red Rum Punch; Cross Cultural Publications; 1994.
Well folks, I’ve been involved in such a lively debate in the past few days that this time I’m gonna take it easy, relishing a good, ice-cold beer and admiring the beauty of the moon tonight – hoping it ain’t  gonna be new moon tonight! Enjoy the pleasure ...
Your passionate (Italian) translator
Top (stunning) image  courtesy of Photonensauger
Bottom – h’m, fresh! – image (‘Beer’) courtesy of Marco aka klallo
Background music (you can’t hear it, but it’s here in my words) by Shivaree

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