Enjoy the silence …


‘Spitting out the demons’ by does it offend you

Excuse me, folks!

I know, I broke my promise and disappeared in the past few days. To be honest, my last post on the translation industry caught me in such a vehement debate that I decided to stay in silence for a while. As an old adage says, ‘speech is silver, silence is golden‘. How true it is, really! This word selected by A.Word.A.Day. for last Wednesday is perfectly ‘in tune’ with my last experience with forums and discussions in general. I must confess that sometimes I suffer from this sort of disease myself, but who doesn’t, after all?


1. Obsessive interest in words.
2. Excessive and often incoherent talking.
From Greek logo- (word) + -mania (excessive enthusiasm or craze). Earliest documented use: 1882.
“I just talked and talked, unstoppably, as if possessed by logomania.”
Imre Kertész; Kaddish for a Child Not Born; Hydra Books; 1997.
With your permission, my dear readers, I would like to introduce a new feature in this kind of posts, i.e. the translation of the selected term in Italian.
As a matter of fact, the word logomania has no exact equivalent in my language but there’s another word used to express the same concept: logorrea. As you can see, the word is composed by the same initial root, i.e. logos (word, parola) but ends with a different root, rhoia (flow, flusso). It’s quite odd, but every time I think about this word, my mind associates it to another word with same ending root: diarrhea (pardon!). A freudian slip? Not necessarily. Sometimes words are literally expelled without a real need or a real reasoning behind, just erupted to vent our own frustrations. Garbage thrown with the sole scope of hurting. To me it’s pure s**t (beep!) that lets me think that, after all, silence is really ‘pure gold’.
Your passionate (Italian) Translator
P.S.: I don’t need say that the closing words are an awesome song by Depeche Mode. As regards the image, instead, I didn’t need to go too far to find it. I got it already, saved on my HD for future use. When I started my posts on the words by A.W.A.D., I was looking for something related to talk (honestly, I don’t remember which one it was) and I found this pic. I found it really impressing, maybe a little too much for the post, so I decided to save it for the right moment. I found it, it’s now. It’s called ‘Spitting out the demons’ and I find that it depicts perfectly what I stated above. Does it offend you? I hope it doesn’t, though I guess that the author’s intention was actually to strike the viewer. Not without a reason the author’s username (no real name provided) is … does it offend you !

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