Summer time


Icy Ensnare by OpiateMischief

Good morning and good week,  folks!

My week opens with a reverse path, it starts … from the end! Yes, my dear readers, you may not remember, but I’m still trying to complete the  selection by A.W.A.D. regarding words that come from animals. And the pic chosen to embellish the post follows the same criterion: my choice was based on the definition of the word, not on the word itself. The whole post is written ‘backwards’, starting from the final and ending with the title. I’m writing, but the post has still no title. It has a subject, at least (otherwise, what’s the point in writing it?). Again, I chose it starting from the end (the pic) instead of the start (the word). Stranger than this …


verb tr.: To ensnare.
noun: Something that ensnares.
From birdlime (a sticky substance made from holly, mistletoe, or other plants, and smeared on branches and twigs to catch small birds), from bird + lime, from Latin limus (slime). Earliest documented use: 1440.
Some dozen of these villains had her birdlimed inside a shepherd’s hut when our patrol chanced upon them.”
Steven Pressfield; Last of the Amazons; Bantam; 2003.
Italian translation: vischio, pania  (fig.) insidia
impaniare (fig.) invischiare, intrappolare
I’ll be brief this time, I don’t want to indulge in stereotypes, especially weepy ones, I would annoy you if I did. This picture hit me. As my usual, my search for good illustrations starts typing the word into a browser (Google, deviantART, a.s.o.) and seeing ‘what happens’, but this peculiar word did not give me any interesting result, so this time I typed the definition as well. This was one of the results. So strange, a couple of days ago we (my family and I) just happened to talk about abuse on women, so this pic hit me like a hammer. I don’t know whether the intention of the author was to suggest ‘abuse’, but the (strong) perception I got was in fact was of an abused woman. The posture, the darkness, the icy blue, everything in this snapshot implies violence, suffering, fear.
Another summer is gonna start. I wonder if this one will be marked by the same series of brutal aggressions to women. It’s strange, it seems like summer let all the worst instincts run wild, especially against women, a kinda hunting time with women preyed like beasts.
I hope this ain’t gonna be another bloody summer, like most in the last thirty years (those I can remember). I couldn’t bear another one.
Your passionate (Italian) Translator
P.S.: As you can see, the title begins where I finished.

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