Make war, not love!


mr argue by Raamon

Good evening to you all, my dear readers!

Two in a day, I’m trying hard to make up for the ground I lost in the past few weeks, especially since I’m about to go bye-bye – as my sweet child would say – for a couple of really deserved holiday weeks.

Now coming to today’s ‘second choice’ … no, no, don’t roar against me, I didn’t mean you’re a second choice, you’re just the second arrival of the day!

As you can imagine, this word is related to a troublesome guy, a firebrand, someone who sows wind …


noun: One who incites quarrels.
From make, from Old English macian (to make) + bate (contention), from Latin battuere (to beat) which also gave us abate, debate, and rebate. Earliest documented use: 1529.
‘You leave my ma out of this, you makebate! She always said you’d end on the gallows, and she was right.'”
Barbara Metzger; Christmas Wishes; Signet; 2010.
Italian translation: Sobillatore, commettimale (obs.)
I don’t want to spend too many words on this topic, I don’t like arguing and I don’t like stirrers, I’m basically peaceful and easy-going and I’m convinced that nothing good can come from such a behaviour. And I got plenty of proofs about a basic fact of life:  What goes around, comes around
Well, all this talking about hot-heads and stirrers has brought me back to my childhood, in those days when I used to listen to an immortal song by the Beatles, one that I really loved (and still love) and that lampooned on the revolutionary movements of the late sixties.  So damn in tune that I could not help myself quoting it. No wonder, it’s called Revolution. Enjoy …
Your passionate (Italian) Translator
Italian proverb:Chi semina vento, raccoglie tempesta‘ OR Quel che è fatto è reso’

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