Get ready for this (hot) summer …

Good morning, folks!

You may not believe it, but this time this post is right-on-time! And you may not believe it as well, but this week the A.Word.A.Day. team is in tune with my mood, i.e. ready for vacation and leisure! In fact, this week’s selection gathers some expressions related to one of the most popular summer pastimes, i.e. card play. Here in my home country there’s an established tradition of card games (and gaming too!), our Scopa, Briscola, Tressette just to mention the most famous ones, all of them played with our Italian cards. In my sunny South playing cards on the beach is a must-do at any age, Scopone on the beach with friends is just fun, but also a good solitaire under the beach umbrella can be really attractive to any good Italian. As regards today’s word, I was tempted by the easiest choice, but it would probably sound banal … What do I mean? Just take a look at this and guess that’s the title I had in mind …


(PO-kuhr fayst)
adjective: Having an expressionless face, giving no hints of one’s thoughts and feelings.
From the necessity of not showing emotions in a game of poker to avoid giving other players an indication of the strength of one’s hand. The origin of the term poker is uncertain. It may be from French poque (a similar card game that involves bluffing), from German pochen (to knock, brag). Earliest documented use: 1915 (for the word poker: 1832).]
Sonam Kapoor appears poker-faced in a few scenes when she is supposed to look romantic.
Unexpected Spunky Romance; The Himalayan Times (Kathmandu, Nepal); Jun 21, 2013.
Italian translation: faccia da poker (yes, literally!)
Well guys, the winner is … Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, of course! At risk of losing the sympathy of Lady Gaga’s fans, I don’t like that song at all, call me fossil, call me vintage, but I do prefer some other kind of music instead (and I guess you could notice it). You know, I like pop music, no matter if it’s vintage or just the latest hit, but Lady Gaga’s really too distant from my music tastes. Sorry guys!
I don’t want to spin it out, I feel lazy today and I’m short of my usual two-cent on everything, so you can  sigh with relief this time but … don’t get used to it, after all two weeks pass by in a flash and I’ll be back soon, refreshed and ready for new words, ideas and opinions. R U ready?
Your passionate (Italian) Translator
P.S.: Don’t be afraid, I’m leaving in a couple of days, so I’ll try to keep up with A.W.A.D. at least for these few moments. See you soon …

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