(This is) the end …


Gluttony 2 by Ian Moore

Good night, folks!

I guess I needn’t tell you where the tagline comes from unless you are just a puppy or you lived on Mars over the past decades. If you belong to one of these categories, well it’s the incipit of a milestone in the history of rock music, The End by the Doors. To be honest, my first idea for the title was a silly joke, ‘Lord of the fries’, but it sounded so stupid that I thought it better not to put too much emphasis on my poor expedient. The reason of my final choice is not clearly visible, since I’m publishing this post late, but this should have been the closing post of the week on A.Word.A.Day.’s selection, i.e. the end. Indeed this word should open the week, not close it, because this habit leads to the (physical) condition described by the opening word, but the A.W.A.D. team sometimes enjoy playing games with their readers so the words are presented in reverse order …


(BEL-ee god)
noun: One who takes great pleasure in eating; a glutton.
A bellygod is one who makes a god of his belly, i.e. a glutton. From Old English belig (bag) + god. Earliest documented use: 1540.
Hudibras becomes the puritan bellygod par excellence:
Our knight did bear no less a pack
Of his own buttocks on his back.”
Kristen Poole; Radical Religion from Shakespeare to Milton; Cambridge University Press; 2000.

The figure of Hercules [rebuked] Comus the belly-god for his ‘drunken orgies’ and addiction to swinish pleasure.
Ian Donaldson; Ben Jonson: A Life; Oxford University Press; 2011.

Italian translation: I must confess that I cannot find a perfect translation, maybe ghiottone, abbuffone, famelico, ingordo, crapulone, but none of them truly describes the concept. Sorry!

Gluttony is basically a disorder. It’s called compulsive eating, or food addiction. I know it well, I experienced it ages ago, during my late teenage years. I was going through a bad time, I felt kinda castaway, refused by the community for a variety of reasons I don’t want to explain – and you won’t probably like to know. I started searching some kind of compensation in food and at some point I found myself ‘foodaholic’. In the beginning it was just some chocolate or cake, some midnight snack, then I ended up swallowing any sort of junk food. One fine day I took a look at my image in a mirror and I couldn’t recognise that ugly big mass that was looking back at me. I sort of ‘woke up from sleep’ and decided that it was time to stop, right now, before it was too late. Fortunately for me, I could get rid of the 20 kilograms I had put on over about two years, it took patience and sacrifice, but I eventually succeeded. Today I’m not that slender, not that fat, I’m quite plump and curvy .. well, I would rather have curves somewhere else over my body, but I don’t really care. Sometimes that old image comes back to my mind, especially when I indulge myself with some good food or wine, but I feel I won’t fall back into that condition.

I have my idea on this issue: In my mind, addictions are a sort of compensation for what we feel missing in our lives. Once I had mine – food, coffee, cigarettes – but now I don’t need them anymore, I’ve got everything I really need, my family, and I don’t need anything else.

See you soon …
Your passionate (Italian) Translator

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