Excuse me pt II

Worthless by fallnangeltears

Worthless by fallnangeltears

Good morning, folks!

As you can see from the title, I’m really sorry, I could not keep my promise and I’m leaving in a few minutes. I had tons of things to do before leaving, so I had no chance of sitting at my PC and writing. Well, this last post is about wednesday’s A.Word.A.Day. selection, it took me a long time to decide what the title could be, so in the end I left it aside. It’s about things that don’t even deserve a glance, worthless …


(PEN-ee AN-tee)
adjective: Trivial.
noun: A transaction involving very small sums.
In poker, penny ante is a game in which the bet is one cent (or other small amount). The term is coined from penny (the smallest denomination of currency) + ante (stake, share, cost), from the stake put up by a player in poker before receiving one’s cards, from Latin ante- (before). Earliest documented use: 1855.
By Bernie Madoff standards, Conrad Black’s crimes are not just on the small side. They’re penny-ante.”
Bryan Burrough; The Convictions Of Conrad Black; Vanity Fair (New York); Oct 2011.
Italian translation
1 (poker) apertura al buio di una piccola somma
2 (fig.) affare, operazione economica da pochi soldi.
Well folks, I had in mind to write about feeling worthless or something like this, but I’m leaving so please forgive me if I just say now:  see you in a couple of weeks!
Your passionate (Italian) Translator

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