Settle for a little bit more by Ruthie

Good evening, folks!

Second post in a few hours, quite a record! Though it’s an uninspired day, I thought that – after all – words are the focus of my posts, they don’t really need embellishments or further words. What a lame wordplay! Words, words, words, that’s it, it’s all about words, my blog, the web, our world, what would we be if we could not speak words?


noun: A small amount; a little bit.
From Japanese sukoshi (a little). Earliest documented use: 1955.
“The obesity rate would have been 30.2% for women in that age group — again, just a skosh lower than the actual rate of 30.4%.”
Karen Ravn; We’re Fat Because …; Los Angeles Times; Jul 14, 2008.
ITALIAN TRANSLATION in three shades:
1. Un poco, un po’ (fml)
2. Un filino, un tantino, un pelino (infml)
3. ‘Na ‘ntecchia (Neapolitan), n’anticchia (Sicilian) (slang)
Oops, I almost forgot to tell it’s today’s Word by A.Word.A.Day. featured in the ‘Japanese week’!

Well folks, closing time! The word requires some sobriety, so let’s respect it and cut the story … skosh!

Your passionate (Italian) Translator

P.S. … But always settle for a bit more (good suggestion, thank you Ruthie aka the Spiralmaster, today’s featured artist)


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