The boss


The boss by paloma-palomino

Howdy, folks!

Lacking inspiration today! I ‘ve been racking my brains all the morning long in order to find an appropriate title, and all I’ve been able to produce is this meager result. What a smashing idea indeed, no one could do better, neh? Seriously, the most inspiring thing is the great shot I’ve picked on DeviantArt to illustrate the post. It portrays a group of Nepalese children in Kathmandu. Their pose tells it all about who’s the boss among them. As you can imagine, today’s word by  A.Word.A.Day. is exactly about ‘calling the shots’ …


noun: One who is in charge of a situation; leader; boss.
verb tr.: To organize, manage, or lead a project, event, etc.
>From Japanese hancho, from han (squad) + cho (chief). Earliest documented use: 1947.
“The three head honchos are the recipients of the Best CEO Award.”
Cool Heads and Calm Nerves at the Helm; The Business Times (Singapore); Aug 12, 2013.
As told, today I’m short of good ideas, so I don’t want to fill this post with useless words. Instead, I prefer to invite you to take a look at the definitions provided by Urban Dictionary users for the term honcho. For those who still don’t know it, Urban Dictionary is a sort of counterpart of A.W.A.D., it’s ‘the dictionary you write‘, it gathers slang expressions submitted by users themselves. US slang, to be precise. Sometimes rude and offensive (after all, it’s the language of the common people) . You might be surprised of the variety of meanings provided! WARNING: it includes mature content!
See you soon, folks …
Your passionate (Italian) Translator
Image courtesy of paloma-palomino (French photographer, real name unknown).

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