Ci vuole orecchio …


Stay tuned by KumikoEharu

Good morning, my dear readers!

You won’t probably understand a word of the title unless you are Italian or Italian-speaking. Don’t worry, I’ve no intention to write in Italian, it’s just been the first thing that’s crossed my mind when I read today’s word by A.Word.A.Day.. After all, I’m Italian and – though I normally conceive and write my posts in English, I think in my own language, I guess it’s normal, isn’t it? First of all, let me translate the title for you: You need an ear (for music). The expression is the title of a famous Italian song by Enzo Iannacci (as you can see, my passion for music is taking over again). And ears are all about today …


noun: The small fleshy projection at the front of the external ear, slightly extending over the opening of the ear.
>From Greek tragos (goat; hairy part of the ear), from the supposed resemblance of the tuft of hair at the opening of the ear to a goat’s beard. The word is sometimes also applied to this hair growing in the ear. Earliest documented use: 1684.
“Rich Lee, a 34-year-old American, had magnets implanted in the tragus … that act as speakers when combined with a coil necklace.”
I’ve Got You Under My Skin; Independent (South Africa); Aug 7, 2013.”Vince leaned over to his left, caught a streetlight glint off Sarah’s ringed tragus-piercing.”
Michael Keys; Black Paper Dream; AuthorHouse; 2013.
Today I’m going to proceed in reverse order. I still don’t know what image I’m going to insert to this post. The reason is simple: I normally use illustrations to find ideas to develop. This time the title has worked in their place. Or more precisely, the song inspired me the title. A brief explanation is due: The song ‘Ci vuole orecchio’ is a metaphor of modern life. It apparently talks about being ‘in tune’, but de facto it portrays Milan lifestyle during the eighties but it’s actually a metaphor of life itself. You must keep up with times, you must stay tuned for the latest trends, you must obey the rules of our society if you want to survive. It worked that way during the eighties but it’s sorely up-to-date. If you refuse to conform, you might be left out. You might. But you might not, if you have the courage to swim against the stream, to break the schemes.  Consciously. Vigorously. You might plummet, but you might rise as well. Even sky-high, if you dare.
Well, while I’m writing I’ve found a fabulous shot to illustrate my post. It’s called ‘Stay tuned’. It’s about the effects of keeping up-to-date. Garbage. Piles of garbage. Is it just our obsolete technology that’s being wasted, or are we being wasted as well …?
See you soon, folks …
Your passionate (Italian) Translator

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