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Howdy, folks!

In an effort of keeping up with A.W.A.D. selection, here’s my second post today. Let me tell you in advance that the word of the day does not inspire me any particular idea or thought, first of all, because it has no much to do with my everyday life. This might be an advantage for you, because the post will not be enriched with too many (often useless) words. Correction: at first the word did ring a bell in my mind, it’s not English or Italian, but rather a Spanish one. Cabron! Being completely unaware of the true meaning of the expression (I honestly thought it meant boor or something like this), I was about to choose it as a striking headline …  this way making a blatant faux-pas with my Spanish-speaking or Latin American readers (if any)! For those (like me) who don’t know the meaning, take a look at the definition provided by Urban Dictionary! What a bad impression I would give of myself, a (presumed) localization specialist, to my readers. Luckily, I’ve stopped  … JUST IN TIME!


(SHEV-ruhn, -ron)
noun: A pattern in the shape of a V or an inverted V.
From Old French chevron (rafter, from the resemblance of the pattern to the shape of two rafters on a roof), from Latin caper (goat). The goat connection is not clear (*). Earliest documented use: 1395.
(*) Note:
Online Etymology Dictionary on the link between a goat and a rafter: ” …the hypothetical connection between goats and rafters being the animal’s angular hind legs
My idea (based on a visual impression only):  Typical V-shape of  goat horns (see image)

1 (Mil) gallone m.

2 (Arch) (chevron moulding) modanatura f. a zig-zag.

3 (Arald) capreolo m., capriolo m., scaglione m.

4 al pl. (Tip) (type of inverted commas) caporali f.pl.

Source Corriere della Sera Dizionari – il dizionario Sansoni
As promised, that’s all folks!
See you soon …
Your passionate (Italian) Translator
Image on top:  Goat, unknown author

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