Shelter me

Good morning, folks!

Time goes by so quickly that I sometimes cannot keep pace with A.Word.A.Day.. This happened yesterday and today I’m running the risk of missing the word again, so I hope you won’t mind if I’ll be very concise. Some of you (the elder ones) should have noticed that the post bears the same title as the opening song of the album Cocker by Joe Cocker, year 1986. For the records, this album contains the hit song ‘You can leave your hat on, featured in the original soundtrack of a famous erotic blockbuster movie named ‘9 1/2 weeks’, I don’t know if my younger readers know or saw it, but they will surely know that song, since it accompanied one of the most famous scenes of the film (and a landmark in the erotic cinema), a very sexy strip tease behind the blinds performed by a provocative Kim Basinger, I think everyone and their dog knows it! Back to the topic (that’s absolutely not related to sex and eroticism), Wednesday’s word is somehow linked to the title, not materially, but surely morally …


noun: Protection, support, guidance, or sponsorship of a particular person or organization.
From Latin aegis, from Greek aigis (goatskin), from aix (goat). Aigis was the name of the shield or breastplate of Zeus or Athena in Greek mythology. It was made of goatskin. Earliest documented use: 1704.
“The French hope that by April an African force will have come under the UN’s aegis.”
The Battle Moves to the Mountains; The Economist (London, UK); Feb 9, 2013.
About the image: It’s surely not a matter of aegis, but it IS a matter of shelter. In fact it’s called Protection. It portrays ‘a baby and it’s grand-grand mother’s hand’ (quoting the author). Really moving and evocative. It’s not actually related to the word but it’s not so far from it, if you just take a better look at its origin: aigis was the name of Athena’s shield, what might be more protective than a goddess’ shield?
See you soon, folks …
Your passionate (Italian) Translator

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