Hot Lips VII by KêRøkÈr0

Good evening, folks!

I’m not dead, I’m not vanished (at least, not in a  very real sense! ), I just got overwhelmed by my workload. I must admit it, it’s a ‘impossible mission’ to ensure full coverage to A.Word.A.Day. posts, especially when you (I actually) have to cope with main work, side work, family and find time to relax and write your own blog. You cannot even imagine how difficult it is to find a suitable illustration, for example. I’m quite choosy, I’m demanding, I search the web extensively to find what’s just perfect for the purpose (at least, in my modest opinion). I’m sometimes proud of the result, I must confess it, I know that ‘self-praise is no recommendation’, but let me be a bit big-headed, I need to boost my self-confidence from time to time.

I don’t know whether I will be able to gain upon A.W.A.D., I’ll try to, but at least let me try to keep up with this week’s selection. Miscellaneous words. A bit of any taste. Words for all seasons. This is the leading thread of the current weekly selection.



(TOO-mid, TYOO-)
1. Swollen.
2. Bulging.
3. Pompous, bombastic.
From Latin tumere (to swell). Earliest documented use: 1541.
“Her tumid eyes filled with tears and she began to cry.”
Joseph Heller; Catch-22; Simon & Schuster; 1961.

“Think of all the suits in marketing, communications, and public relations who clog up the institutional arteries with their tumid prose and clichéd sound bites.”
Blaise Cronin; Bloomington Days; AuthorHouse; 2012.

1. Tumido
2. Tumefatto, gonfio
3. Ampolloso, ridondante, ‘gonfio’
A personal note: if I think about ‘tumid’ I immediately think about lips. Opulent, exciting, turgid lips. I don’t think it’s just a female quality, I love full lips in men, I find them incredibly sexy. It’s probably one of the first features I look at in men. After all, lips are closely related to sex and sensuality, to pleasure at any level and ideally of life itself.  I love pleasure and I love life. And you?
Your passionate (Italian) Translator
P.S.: Am I too frank or explicit? I hope you don’t mind!

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