Got it!(?)


There is no key by nixv

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This post is not relevant to any current word selection, it’s actually outdated (week 39, words about words). I left it incomplete due to work-related reasons, but now I’ve decided to publish it all the same with the intention to complete (hopefully) the week selection somehow during this week.

Good morning, folks!

No more words, today I’m … getting straight to the point! Yes, get is ‘the’ word, definitely appropriate for this post. We Italians don’t have a word with such a variety of applications and meanings, GET is a sort of linguistic master-key, but you better watch out … you must get it right!


adjective: Having multiple meanings.
From Latin polysemus, from Greek polysemos, from poly- (many) + sema (sign). Earliest documented use: 1884.
“The polysemous ancient Greek word pharmakon strangely captures all of these apparently contradictory senses and meanings.”
Stephen Morris; Revealing the Pharmacon; Catholic New Times; Nov 21, 2004.
See further details on Wikipedia
ITALIAN TRANSLATION: agg. polisemico, polisemantico
The oddity: in spite of the idea of the plurality of communication ways that lies behind the word polysemous, I’ve chosen a work suggesting that there’s no way out, communication’s cut. I don’t know why, maybe my subconscious is working behind the curtain and I’m secretly experiencing a period of closure to the outside world … who knows it? Surely I’m not in my best mood, you can see it from the atmosphere of this intriguing, anguishing work.
See you soon, folks …
Your passionate (Italian) Translator

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