Over and over by Ahmed Qasim Sabti

Good morning, folks!

Don’t be scared by my tagline, I’m neither going nasty nor I want to say you are such. You should know by now that all my posts somehow recall music, this one’s no exception. It’s the title of a 80s pop song by Janet Jackson and has something to do with today’s topic. Yes, folks, today A.Word.A.Day. has singled out a term that’s closely connected to bad habits and law, or rather, to repeated bad habits and infringement of law. Over and over again …


noun: Relapsing (into smoking, crime, etc.), especially repeatedly.
From Latin re- (again) + cadere (to fall). Ultimately from the Indo-European root kad- (to fall), which is also the source of cadence, cascade, casualty, cadaver, chance, chute, accident, occident, decay, and casuistry . Earliest documented use: 1884.
“‘A person is counted in the recidivism rate if he or she reoffends within two years after being discharged’, Ms Panapasa said.”
Ioane Burese; Recidivism Rate Drops; The Fiji Times (Suva); Oct 29, 2011.
ITALIAN TRANSLATION: Recidiva, recidivismo
About the image: You might be thinking: what the hell has such a poetic image to do with today’s subject? Apparently not that much, but … you see, love’s sometimes considered like an addiction. If you just think about it, you ‘fall in love’ or simply ‘fall for’, the verb ‘fall’ intimately related to the idea of love – and to addiction as well! Rise and fall. So funny …
About the author: Honestly, I don’t know that much about him. He’s very young (24 years), a conceptual artist specialized in photomanipulation, he lives in a devastated country (Iraq), he sometimes feel alone, the void around him. Who can blame him?
See you soon, folks!
Your passionate (Italian) Translator

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