Beneath the surface


Facade by Fang aka tucc

Howdy, folks!

As you can see, I’m trying to keep my promise, a … post a day! The title is a bit misleading, thought this was just the idea I got when I saw today’s word by A.Word.A.Day. As usual, the title is derived from a song – a love song indeed – from the past millennium by the acid jazz band Incognito. Beneath the surface. That’s what we all should try to do, to look beneath the surface of things and even more necessary, of people. It’s a safe way to prevent illusions, disappointment and frustration. It helps you comprehend reality. It helps you keep your feet on the ground. Today’s word is the opposite. It’s surface. It’s shallowness. It’s appearance. And it’s démodé. Stuff from the past millennium.


noun: Appearance, bearing, or demeanor.
Probably a shortened form of demean (to conduct oneself in a specified manner), influenced by French mine (appearance). Earliest documented use: 1522.
“Everyone Nanako Coates greets walks away smiling. But beyond that exuberant, youthful mien is a seasoned veteran with years of professional experience in the restaurant business.”
Eizo Kobayashi; Daughter Follows in Family’s Culinary Tradition; Oakland Tribune (California); Sep 17, 2013.
1 aspetto ( m.), portamento ( m.) (di una persona) // hath that antique mien and robed form / moved in these vales invisible till now?, (KEATS) quel sembiante antico e quella forma drappeggiata errarono per queste valli invisibili fino ad ora?
2 atteggiamento ( m.); espressione ( f.).
Well folks, now you got a gorgeous image, a smooth soundtrack for your evening, a weird and old-fashioned word (and the Italian translation too), my two cents, … Do you need anything more?
Your passionate (Italian) Translator
P.S.: A pleasant company for the evening, perhaps?

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