Somewhere man


Nowhere Man by Mario Sanchez Nevado (aka Aegis-Strife)

Howdy, folks!

I’m playing with words, I’m playing with music today! Guess what’s the song I was thinking of today … It’s an old song … gosh, not that much, after all, probably it’s as old as I, surely a song from the past millennium. It has actually not much to do with today’s word by A.Word.A.Day., but it gave me the spark for a wordplay. As those dinosaurs (like me) among you probably know, the concerned song is Nowhere man by the Beatles and it’s antithetic to the concerned word. The man in the song belongs to nowhere (he’s probably a bit like ‘the fool on the hill’), this man knows where he belongs … though probably not where he’s going to …


adjective:1. Aboriginal; indigenous.2. Formed or originating in the place where found.
From Greek autochthon (of the land itself), from auto- (self) + chthon (earth, land). Ultimately from the Indo-European root dhghem- (earth), which also sprouted human, homicide, humble, homage, chamomile, exhume, inhume, chthonic, disinter, chameleonic, and Persian zamindar (landholder). Earliest documented use: 1804. The opposite of this term is allochthonous.
“As if this were a holy place, a shrine where the autochthonous tribes had gathered to worship.”T.C. Boyle; The Women; Viking; 2009.
ITALIAN TRANSLATION: autoctono, aborigeno
Well guys, today I’m going to do something different in honour of the very first favourite group of my life, the Beatles – I want to share the lyrics of this great song with you, here it is:
Immagine 1
I need something different every once in a while … And you?
See you soon, folks …
Your passionate (Italian) Translator
About the author of the image: Mario Sanchez Nevado, Aégis, is a young independent illustrator from Spain. Specialized in digital painting and photo manipulation – sometimes mixed with traditional  painting – he’s capable of making your worst nightmares or your best dreams ‘come alive’. An artist of the surreal, he’s capable of blending conflicting emotions into truly powerful – sometimes dark and gloomy – images. Among his works, the design of many CD covers and packaging for various rock bands (Unexpect, Ashent, The Last Relapse, Def Tactical and many others) as well as editorial illustrations.

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