Peacock by kattything

Good morning, folks!

This is not a post on Italian but rather a post dedicated to some Italians I know. Dedicated is in fact the translation of the title. A song of a controversial Italian musician of the eighties, Loredana Berté. If you liked it, I’m going to post the lyrics and translation one of these days. Anyway, today’s post will be brief.  Not inflated. Unpretentious. The exact contrary of the concerned word (and of someone I know so well). Dedicato a te.


noun: Behavior characteristic of a pompous and self-important petty official.
After Mr. Bumble in Charles Dickens’s novel Oliver Twist. Bumble was a fussy, self-important beadle (a minor parish officer) of the workhouse where Oliver Twist was born. Earliest documented use: 1856.
“We regret to record the death of Albury-Wodonga with a hyphen. … Bumbledom in the two councils has decreed the hyphen must go from stationery and signs.”
Howard Jones; Political Doublespeak is Sad Legacy for Border Folk; The Border Mail (Wodonga, Australia); Aug 23, 2007.
ITALIAN TRANSLATION:  pomposità, boria, spec da parte di funzionari di basso livello.
You are curious to know who’s this person, aren’t you? In Italy we say ‘Si dice il peccato, ma non il peccatore‘. I found a supposed equivalent to this expression i.e. ‘Hate the sin, love the sinner‘ but I think it does not correspond exactly to the Italian expression. Surely not to my case: I do not love this sinner. A buon intenditor poche parole (A word is enough to the wise, Translator’s note)
Bye-bye, folks!
Your passionate (Italian) Translator
An important remark on the illustration: in Italy we say fare il pavone (to peacock) to indicate someone who’s self-important, boastful. Indeed the peacock symbolizes beauty, incorruptibility, courage and endurance. In ancient Rome it was the symbol of apotheosis, in the Oriental cultures it was the bird of many deities, in particular Buddha’s. It’s associated to the idea of immortality.  Peacocks have plenty of reasons to be a bit immodest. We (often) have none.

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