Flight of the Noses by Clément Juliard, 30×40 cm, acrylic on canvas

Good morning, folks!

Today the illustration has preceded the title! The task was tough, basically because I had not a single (good) idea on how to title this post. The final result is before your eyes, unimpressive,  meaningless, almost needless.  The image is eye-catching, instead. Perfectly matching today’s word by A.Word.A.Day. And – strange but true – it was the first thing I chose. It happens once in a while. Sometimes I’ve a great nose for illustrations, he-he …


noun: A nose, especially a large one.
From Yiddish shnoytsl, diminutive of shnoyts (snout), from German Schnauze (snout), which also gave us the name of the dog breed schnauzer. Earliest documented use: 1930.
“I sneak one long sideways peek at Philip Roth’s nose: the sort of schnozzle that put the rhino in rhinoplasty.”
Scott Raab; Philip Roth Goes Home Again; Esquire (New York); Oct 7, 2010.
Thanks to subject, today I’ve learned a few idiomatic expressions based on the word nose and a brand new site on words, World Wide Words, an interesting resource for true English-lovers. One of the newly learnt expression is quite coarse, strongly ‘visual’ and somehow related to yesterday’s word: brown nose. You probably don’t know it, but the Italian equivalent is even more rude and – though not being an exact translation, I noticed that it is curiously related to the English expression. I’m not going to provide it for obvious reasons of decency, but I can tell you that one is the action, another the result. And I call it quits now.
Another funny English nose-related idiom is to pay through the nose for something (pagare a caro prezzo). I ignore where this expression comes from and I’m eager to know it, so you are invited to provide solutions to my dilemma.
Well folks, I’m lacking inspiration today and I don’t want to pad this post unnecessarily, so I close it now. If you have nothing to say, then silence is golden!
See you soon, folks!
Your passionate (Italian) Translator
If you like the surreal illustration, you will surely like the author’s gallery. Visit !

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