Red rain


Red Rain by Atomicfiction

Good morning, folks!

This morning I spent hours trying to imagine how the title should sound. Yes, my titles have a sound, not always but quite often. If this is the first time you read something by me, you won’t understand, so I’m going to clarify my statement. Being a music-lover, I tend to choose titles ‘in music’, I try to associate the subject to a song or to a passage in its lyrics, I like to make my posts ‘sound’ like music. I try to make the same with illustrations, I love visual art and I try to use it to make my post ‘visual’. Words, music and art are my passions and I often blend them together to express what I feel and what I am – after all, blogs are made for this. This time the task was tough and easy at the same time. Don’t look at me as if I were mad, it’s really difficult to choose when you have too much choice! Today’s word by A.W.A.D. is related to some of the darkest  pages in European history inspiring tons of paper, a variety of films, songs, monuments and any sort of artistic expression. Considering this week’s theme, you will surely imagine what this post is related to: antisemitism and the persecution of the Jewish people. The first image I visualized was blood, oceans of blood I imagine were shed by persecutors of Jews. Blood like the red rain pouring down in Peter Gabriel’s song. My first idea. Then I came to think that another of my favourite musicians, Suzanne Vega, used to sing about blood and war, so I was tempted to title my post something like ‘Blood makes noise‘ or ‘Blood sings‘ (both included in 99.9F°), but Vega’s lyrics are intimate, not related to history, so I gave us on this idea. Then it was the turn of a couple of other Italian songs, Un sorso in più (literally one more sip) by Carmen Consoli or Auschwitz by Francesco Guccini, both closely related to the subject, but they would be incomprehensible to you, so I put the idea aside. Honestly, Gabriel’s song has no relation to historical facts, but it’s a vision, a nightmare, like mine, so I eventually decided to choose this title. RED RAIN.


(puh-GROM, POH-gruhm)
noun: An organized massacre, officially tolerated or encouraged, against a particular group.
From Yiddish pogrom, from Russian pogrom (destruction). Earliest documented use: 1891.
The word is usually applied to the massacre of Jews in Russia and Eastern Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
“Kyrgyz nationalists unleashed a ferocious pogrom against the Uzbekh minority.”
Misha Glenny; Life in Putin’s Russia; The Irish Times (Dublin); Oct 29, 2011.

ITALIAN TRANSLATION: Massacro di massa, pogrom

I don’t want to add any word to the billion words said and written on this subject. Mine would be useless. In excess. I know when it’s time to keep silent. This is the time.

Your passionate (Italian) Translator

On the illustration: It’s something related to the vision, not to the subject. It’s inspired by Peter Gabriel’s song. I don’t know what it represents and I’ve no clue of who the author is. I just know his nickname on DeviantArt and his first name, Felix. Well, judging from his drawings he (?) doesn’t look that ‘felix’ (Latin for happy or lucky). A bit sombre, indeed. But his mood is right for the topic. And I like how it looks.


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