Good times


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Good evening, folks!

After my recent (heavy) post, a bit of entertainment is required, isn’t it? This post is gonna be ‘lightweight’ instead, I hope you won’t mind. Too much seriousness can sometimes lead to severe damages to your health (gastritis, gastric ulcer, colitis, headache, anxiety, panic attacks, sleeping disorders), jeopardize your psychological balance, seriously affect your mood. So let’s take it easy, relax and have a good time. What has good mood got to do with A.Word.A.Day.? The current weekly selection is about words that are in fact names. Today’s word is about a jolly good fellow, a leg-puller, a skylarker. In a hard day’s night (at least for me), you’re heartily welcome, my friend!



verb tr., intr.: To make fun of or tease in a good-natured way.
noun: A teasing or joking remark.
Of unknown origin. Earliest documented use: 1845.
“Dave and I quietly caught up with each other, and reminisced. We joked and joshed.”
Timothy Mangan; Once More, With Feeling; Orange County Register (Santa Ana, California); Apr 14, 2013.
  1. I n.(Am,colloq) presa f. in giro bonaria.
  2. II,colloq) (to banter) canzonare, prendere in giro bonariamente, sfottere: are you joshin’ me? (o you’ve got to be joshin’ me) mi stai prendendo in giro?
  3. III v.intr. (Am,colloq) scherzare.
  • josh around
  • (colloq) to josh around scherzare.

Source: Corriere della Sera – Dizionari

As most of you should know, the title is inspired by a couple of 70s dance hits, i.e. Good Times by the Chic and Celebration by the Kool and the Gang. I was a kid in the seventies and I used to listen to disco music, dancing was so much fun to me! Strange, 70s dance music is the symbol of fun and joy, but as far as I remember, those years were everything but ‘light’ or joyful. I remember them like ‘anni di piombo‘ (the s.c. ‘years of lead’), a period of sociopolitical turmoil, the years of terrorism, of social conflicts, of economic crisis, the name says it all. I suppose that all that pop music, the discos were an attempt to face the ‘heavy times’ we all were going through. A laugh against the pain. I don’t want to get too serious once again, I prefer to remember those days with their ‘light’, joyful music. After all, 70s music is still here, proudly withstanding the passing of times and the changing fashion, ready to make us dance and have fun once again. Fun is all that we need sometimes. So dear old dance music, go ahead and make my day*!

See you soon, folks!

Your passionate (Italian) Translator

* Quote from the movie  Sudden Impact (1983)


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