A second chance …


Catch a falling star by Genevieve

Good morning folks!

I love today’s word, I really love it. It’s about a second chance. Anyone would like to have a second chance in life, me in the first place. LC Traduzioni is my second chance. The chance to do what I like most and I do best, i.e. translating. Translating for a living, I mean. I’ve been surrounded by English and German since I was very, very young, my first sold translation dating back to 1984, age 15, a fanzine article from German sold – no less! – to Asia Argento. For several personal reasons I did not take up the freelance career and this was the highest regret of my life, because I love reading and I love translating. I guess I wrote it somewhere in my blog site, at a certain stage of my life I realized I had to take control of my life and do my best to ‘redirect’ my career, to accomplish my dream. This blog is part of this second try. My chance to make myself visible, to let people know that I exist, a woman and a translator, to let them know who I am and what I think. With the heart-felt hope that I will be able to reach as many of you as possible, reader and clients. At risk of looking naive or sometimes rude, I’ll be honest, straightforward in writing, sincerity is the necessary premise to any lasting relation, no matter if business or personal. At least, in my modest opinion. Everyone should have a second chance in life. Now I’m taking mine …


1. A second chance, especially in golf where a player is sometimes given another shot to make up for a poor shot which is not counted.
2. A stew made from odds and ends, using whatever is available.
Both senses of the word are from the name Mulligan. It’s not certain who these two Mulligans were — maybe a golf player and a chef. Earliest documented use: 1936.
“It’s the Do-Over Derby, in which the only candidates not asking for a mulligan are the ones demanding dozens of them.”
Frank Bruni; The Do-Over Derby; The New York Times; Feb 13, 2012.
ITALIAN TRANSLATION: nella loc. (Am,Gastron) mulligan stew: stufato fatto con gli avanzi.
In my search for the Italian equivalent I couldn’t find anything related to golf, just to cooking and recipes. Oh, dear, Italians have a true fixation with food! I prefer the first meaning, instead. If you’d like to get to know more on the golf mulligan, here’s the link to a post on this subject What is the Origin of the Word ‘Mulligan’ in Golf?
Well folks, here’s my daily listening suggestion: Same mistake by James Blunt. Thinking about second chances in life, this song came immediately to my mind. It’s a song about lost chances and repeated mistakes, about the inability (and the lack of courage) of making the right choice. It’s not easy to take the right decision, I’m a living example. But I’m calling for a second chance, I’m courageous … and I’ll try not to do the same mistake again!
See you soon, folks!
Your passionate (Italian) Translator

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